Moving Across the Country, Protect Your Things From Your Liquids

What liquids to pack, and how to pack them when moving across the country

When you’re moving across the country, there are a lot of factors to consider. While we get many FAQ’s (frequently asked questions), some of the most frequent questions we get asked revolve around packing. After all, when you’re moving across the country, it is a major portion of the move. In the next few months, we will work through some best practices for packing various items or rooms  before moving across the country.

One of the first things to decide is whether to have your things packed professionally, or do it yourself. If you choose to utilize our professional packing services, then your packing crew can advise of what things can or can’t be packed. For the first in a series of packing blogs, let’s take a look at packing liquids in preparation for moving across the country.

Packing liquids can be tricky, because it is such a broad category, and includes things from gasoline to juice to makeup. With that being said, not all liquids can be packed and put onto the moving truck. It is important to understand what you can and can’t pack, and what cannot be put onto the moving truck as you get ready for moving across the country. Here is our advice and things to consider in order to best prepare for moving across the country.

Our advice:

Take as few liquids as you can. Moving can be a great opportunity to go through things. As you prepare for your move, go through all your liquids. Get rid of bottles that are half empty, or that are past the expiration date. If you can’t use it, why take it? Go through liquids in your bathroom, the kitchen, cleaning closet, laundry room etc.

What can the movers not take?

There are items that we are prohibited from taking on the truck. We are unable to take items that are flammable or corrosive. As we like to say in our office, if it can explode or corrode, we don’t take it on the road. Some of the items include:

  • Gasoline (drain gas from items to be shipped: lawnmower, snow blower, weedeater etc.)
  • Bleach
  • Paint and paint thinners
  • Propane tanks
  • Aerosol cans
  • Kerosene
  • Chemicals

Contact us for a more in-depth list of items that cannot be shipped. Make sure to make arrangements in advance to either dispose of these items, or alternatively, transport the items yourself as you go from your origin home to your destination home.

How do I pack liquids that I can ship?

Once again, we do recommend that you dispose of as much as you can before moving across the country. That being said, there can still be liquid items that you may need to transport. Here are some quick tips on how to best pack liquids

Have a plastic bin handy

The challenge with liquids is that the containers they are held in can break during cold weather, or if the load shifts during transportation. If the liquids are packed in a box, they can leak and make a mess as they seep onto other items surrounding the broken liquids. We suggest that you pack liquids in a plastic bin, so that in the instance that they break, they are contained in the bin.

Pack small groups of items into plastic Ziploc bags

To better protect all the liquids as a whole, pack small items into Ziploc bags. It will once again contain the liquids should anything happen, that way it won’t make a mess on anything else in the bin.

Tape the bin shut

Make sure to tape the bin shut. Often lids on plastic bins don’t stay on. Use some tape to completely shut it and hold it on. You are ensuring that anything around the liquids will remain safe during transportation.

Label the bin

To best maximize the space on the truck, movers place items all over the load that will best fit in specific places. By knowing the contents of the bin, they know to keep it upright, and to place it into the load accordingly.

This will help ensure that everything remains safe during transportation. Liquids can be tricky items to ship, so making sure that you pack them into a bin in the event that anything happens, your other items will remain safe.

The time of year will of course dictate the temperature and conditions. Make sure that before moving across the country, that you do your best to ensure the liquids are contained within a plastic bin. The same could be said for moving locally in Winnipeg. Make sure to take the time to properly secure your liquids.