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Time To Relocate Employees?

In this era of globalization, it is not uncommon for a company or organization to need to relocate one or more employees. With large scale national and international companies, promotions and job changes often result in relocation of your employees. We fully understand the need for employee relocation, and are skilled practitioners of the processes of moving an employee. We are more then willing to help you through this!

Did you receive a job offer or a promotion that necessitates you moving to another city?


Are you an HR coordinator looking for quotes to move a newly hired or promoted employee?

Quick Transfer’s team of dedicated move coordinators specialize in the particular needs of corporate moves, servicing several Fortune 500 clients. We offer competitive rates and top quality performance, and we stand behind our work. Whether you’re moving an employee across the city, across the country, or across the world, we can handle it.

Employee Relocation
Lump sum employee relocation

We have contracts with several companies, from multinational retail giants who move hundreds of people annually, to crown corporations who need service in rural and northern Manitoba, to small blue collar enterprises with maybe three moves a year.

Many of them have relied us on for years to organize employee moves that don’t necessarily come anywhere near Winnipeg. Our own fleet of Quick Transfer trucks and crews is able to service a territory ranging from the interior of British Columbia, though Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba (of course), and into Northwest Ontario.

Through our network of United Van Lines agents across Canada and the USA, the size of our serviceable territory expands to the whole North American continent.

Why would a Winnipeg-based company be the right choice to organize a move from Corner Brook, Newfoundland to Grande Prairie, Alberta, or from Atlanta, Georgia to Carson City, Nevada?

One advantage is that with our central time zone, we have a lot of business-hours overlap with both regions.

But why choose Quick Transfer specifically? It comes down to our team, our procedures, and our principles. We can provide a quality of service that few other movers can match, and we can do so at competitive rates.

Employee Relocation Check list

Corporate moves between cities are complicated affairs, with multiple people and companies involved at each stage. The increased level of complexity means there are many opportunities for a service failure if one person or company misses a step.

This led us to come up with what we call the cardinal rule of move management: “Don’t assume that people will do what they are supposed to do.” This may seem like a jaded, cynical approach, but it has served us well – no matter what industry you’re in, you can probably easily think of a problem that could have been avoided if something had been done how and when it was supposed to have been done.

As such, most of a move coordinator’s daily job involves contacting the various parties involved in the move (including the employee, estimators, packers, drivers, and third party vendors like appliance and fitness equipment technicians) to ensure things remain on track at each phase of the move.

We frequently use metaphors like quarterback or conductor to describe this type of proactive communication and project management, as every time the coordinator looks at a move, he or she has to approach it with a full understanding of that particular family’s needs as well as a bird’s eye view of the whole move.

With those understandings intact, the coordinator can then plan the actions that need to happen at each step to ensure the whole move is successful.

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