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The Office & Industrial Moving Service

Office moving can be an extremely stressful situation for many CEOs, business owners or managers. Planning how you will move all of your employees and their work stations can take a toll on anyones productivity.

Our Trained Staff Will Move your Office with Ease

Commercial & office moving in Winnipeg is a specialized field that requires knowledgeable movers, well trained personnel, state-of-the-art equipment, and advanced technology dedicated exclusively to serving businesses.

Quick Transfer’s commercial relocation division (office & industrial moving services) manages all types of office moves in Winnipeg and across North America, from simple executive relocation floor to floor, to moving entire corporate operations from one city to another.  Quick Transfer leads the office and industrial mover market with extensive experience in corporate offices, government facilities, hospitals, warehouses, manufacturing facilities and museums.

To ensure seamless commercial transitions, Quick Transfer employs project management specialists that will plan, prepare and facilitate
the entire move process. All project management specialists have years of commercial moving experience and are trained in process flow, floor plan and layout analysis and documentation procedures. Your project manager will work closely with you to develop a detailed move plan that is customized to your needs and your budget.

Office Moving Winnipeg

The Office Move Process

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  • Preplanning Your Office Move

    Quick Transfer’s preplanning eliminates any business interruptions. Prior to your move, a project management specialist will work with you to create the most effective
    moving plan.

    To ensure everyone involved knows exactly what to prepare for and what to expect on the day of the move, training seminars are conducted for all employees.

Winnipeg Office Moving Plan

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  • Moving Material Delivery

    At your convenience, all the necessary boxes and tags will be dropped off so your personal items can be packed. Our representative will be on hand during the setup and packing procedure.

    We provide and pack boxes designed for special items such as mirrors, paintings, antiques, and other artwork.

Office Moving Materials

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  • Marking and Tagging Office Equipment

    Your items will be marked prior to the day of your office move in accordance with the floor plan. We will then proceed to the new space and label each office in accordance with the floor plan to ensure the proper placement of items.

Winnipeg Office Move Equipment

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  • Office Equipment Protection

    In accordance with your building’s specifications, your office floors and walls, as well as common areas, will be properly protected with wall, door and floor coverings.

Office Move Protection

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  • Packing and Preparation

    Quick Transfer will arrive to pack the contents of the entire office.  We will wrap and protect all office furniture and items to be moved. For moving books, files and electronics we utilize specially designed carts that maintain the order and integrity of all items.

Office Moving in Winnipeg

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  • The Move

    At the prearranged time, move personnel, all equipment, and your project manager will arrive at your location to begin loading the designated items onto the trucks.

    Depending on the complexity of the move being performed, Quick Transfer teams use various organizational methods to ensure maximum safety and efficiency.

The Office Move in Winnipeg

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  • Unpacking and Setup

    Your office furniture will be fully wrapped and padded. Any crating, assembly, or disassembly of previously designated pieces will be completed.  New placement of items will be carried out in accordance with floor plans.

    Full inspections of new and previous office spaces are conducted with you to ensure complete satisfaction.

Unpacking your Winnipeg Office Move

Office Move Pricing

Find out more about the office move process and services that may best suit your organization’s needs.

Call us today at 1-800-230-6701, and speak to our friendly and knowledgeable staff.

To ensure seamless commercial transitions, Quick Transfer employs project management specialists that will plan, prepare and facilitate
the entire move process.

I was incredibly impressed at how much time Kyle took to explain everything, and his efforts at reducing my stress were very much appreciated!Cindy
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