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Interprovincial Moving Services – Moving Across Canada

For the past 50 years Quick Transfer Moving & Storage has helped people and families moving across Canada load up their lives and relocate to a new province or city. We understand the stress in moving across Canada and can surly help you reach your destination with peace of mind.

The Moving Service

Picture this scenario: You drive with your family and two dogs all the way to another part of Canada. The trip has taken a toll on your body and mind, and you arrive exhausted and eager to settle into your new home. The last thing you need is to find out that the moving company is late or has also done a number on your home furniture.

As a moving company interested in earning your future business and your referrals to friends in need of a mover, at Quick Transfer we go out of our way to reduce the stress of moving across Canada by making sure your furniture remains cared for by attentive and professional movers.

But having a standard of excellence merely with the intent of growing our business is not enough; we also take care of your things properly because it’s simply the right thing to do.

This gold standard of service is why we are also privileged members of United Van Lines, a franchise that is famous for being the largest and most exclusive network of moving companies in North America. With over 175 members in Canada (plus hundreds more in the USA), we can make sure your move is serviceable nearly anywhere.

Cross Canada Moving Company

Services we offer for interprovincial moves include:

  • Trained, bonded, professional moving crew
  • Complete packing and boxing of contents of home, or partial packing of breakables only
  • Thorough inventorying and tagging of each item to be moved, with a checklist
    at delivery to ensure everything is offloaded.
  • Full replacement value protection coverage
  • Full protection of carpets, floors, banisters, etc during loading and delivery
  • Pad and wrap items in your home to protect the furniture, walls, and doorways
  • Reassembly of disassembled furniture
  • Unpacking of boxes and removal of empty cartons
  • Dedicated customer relations staff to address any concerns after your move

Moving Across Canada

The Moving Process

A Quick Transfer moving consultant will contact you to discuss your unique moving needs. That person (or one from one of our United Van Lines network of agents, if you are in a different city) will usually visit your home to conduct a visual survey of the items to be moved.

The move timelines, any unique concerns, and your special requirements will be addressed by our moving consultant both during and after this survey.

Our moving consultant will guide you through the moving process up until moving day. On the move day, the crew leader on site will personally monitor and supervise the move and ensure all of your concerns are addressed.

Our crew will pack your boxes if required, then load everything onto a truck.

Upon delivery, we will then unload the truck, place items in the rooms you designate, and arrange them according to your needs. We will put together anything we had to take apart, and will unpack your boxes and take away the packing material if that’s a service you require.

On the move day, the crew leader on site will personally monitor and supervise the move and ensure all of your concerns are addressed.

Canadian Moving Prices

Looking for a ballpark figure? Plan to spend anywhere from $0.50/lb to $1.50/lb. That’s as close as the ballpark lets us get. If you invite one of our surveyors into your home, we’ll be able to give you a written quote with a price guarantee on it (some conditions may apply).

Find out more about your move and the services that may best suit your needs. Call us today at 1-800-230-6701, and speak to our friendly and knowledgeable staff.

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