How our Winnipeg Moving Company is Operating in the Pandemic

The good ol’ days of being a Winnipeg moving company

Back in our early days, we were a very small Winnipeg moving company. Oma Mueller and the eldest daughter would run the phones and organize dispatch, and Opa Mueller would go out with his four sons on the day’s jobs. But as a family they were closely connected on all levels, and knew each other’s jobs and duties well. Some days called for all hands on deck at the job site, and on other, slower days, everyone would contribute to warehouse tasks or catching up on paperwork. It was a simpler time.

Scaling up

As we’ve grown over the years, we’ve hired many non-family members. We brought in skilled people to bolster our sales force, our administrative team, and our accounting department. Our operations crews, too, have become more and more diverse as long-haul drivers and local Winnipeg moving company staff joined our ranks. Scaling up from a family enterprise can be difficult. It requires both a leap of faith and the ability to shift one’s focus from doing to overseeing. That’s hard to do, and we keep learning better ways to do it.

sanitation kit for winnipeg moving company
In addition to moving blankets, straps, boxes, packing tape, dollies, and toolboxes, our crews are now equipped with sanitation kits including gloves, masks, and disinfectant.

Adapting as a Winnipeg moving company during a pandemic

Today we have assembled an amazing team. This isn’t just us telling you that we’re the best mover in Winnipeg. It takes a certain level of courage to go into a new building every day. Our team is handling the changes required because of COVID-19 with great poise and professionalism. Yes, all of this might be an overreaction. Some would argue that’s the goal. We probably won’t ever know, and that’s OK.

The key fact is that right now people are concerned that bringing a Winnipeg moving company into their homes and businesses will pose health risks. Yet they still need movers. Our new protocols are helping protect our customers and our crews.

As an office worker myself, I am so impressed at how willing our front-line crews have been to adapt and to continue working. They’re putting themselves in harm’s way by being willing labourers in an essential industry. Heroes would be perhaps too strong of a word to describe them, but not by much. They are certainly making heroic efforts to be safe and to keep others safe.

Keeping society functional

Please give a thank-you to those who are helping the machine of society to stay functional during this pandemic! Our crucial medical personnel are the true heroes right now, but there are those who work behind the scenes as well: food producers, grocery store employees, couriers, internet service provider employees, and yes, even your friendly Manitoba movers.

Be well!