Update From the Midst of a Pandemic

The Impact

Observing the ripple of effect of COVID-19 is like watching a boulder dropped into a puddle. The full extent of this pandemic on the world’s economy won’t be known for a long, long time. We are open and operational, but across our van line, we are seeing a reduction of business anywhere from 20% – 50% over last year’s levels. From the perspective of a Winnipeg mover, we certainly are feeling the pinch as well. And we know we’re not alone in that situation.

Despite the closure of many businesses to help mitigate the spread of this coronavirus, transportation remains an essential service. Governments around Canada and the world are recognizing this in their classifications. Not only does the supply chain for our intricately networked world need to keep running, but leases still expire, jobs still change, and new mortgages are still opened to take advantage of falling interest rates. Therefore the need for Winnipeg moving and storage services remains in effect.

Here To Help

We are open and operational. But we’re not just in this to make a buck. We have reached out to the provincial and city governments, informing them that we are ready and willing to contribute our skills as Manitoba movers. We want to help with distributing medical equipment & supplies, supplying relief material to distant communities, and providing storage solutions. And we have also placed our wider fleet of Canadian freight haulers across the continent at the service of the federal government.

At Quick Transfer, we are open and we stand at the ready.

Safety & Wellness

We recognize the unease many customers may have in allowing our crews into their homes, offices, and warehouses. Please see our post showing how we are responding internally to reduce the risk of transmission within our employee roster.

While we are open and operational, the safety of our customers and our crews is of utmost importance to us. If you have any questions about how we are responding to this pandemic, please contact us.

Be well!