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Move In Canada, How To Avoid A Scam During Your Move

How do you hire the right mover?

“I’m looking to move and want to hire a mover for my long distance move in Canada, but there are so many movers in Canada, how do I know which ones are good and which ones aren’t?” Is this a question that you have found yourself asking as you begin to think about your move? Unfortunately the moving industry has been tarnished by scam artists, and as a result, people have developed negative ideas of moving companies. There are somethings that you can do to avoid those scams when doing your move in Canada.

Here are 5 things that you can do to help you avoid a scam artist when preparing for your Move in Canada.


1. Get recommendations

Typically, one of the most reliable places to check on the qualifications of movers is with family and friends. In most cases, few people will be more open and honest about their move than those closest to you. If they have had good experiences, or bad they will let you know. They can usually give you a pretty good idea of who or who-not to use.

2. Do some screening

Before you select a long distance mover for your move, make sure that you do some background research. There are a wide range of websites that you can use to check out moving companies such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB) or the Canadian Association of Movers (CAM). While these two sites are very reliable, when checking companies out it is important to be weary of companies with too many good reviews. Chances are if this is the case, the reviews aren’t authentic.

3. Get an Estimator to do an in-home survey

Many online moving sites will offer a moving quote estimator which can give you a ballpark price without having seen your items. While this is a nice thought, it isn’t necessarily reliable. For example, you may be moving a dresser. Is the dresser a child’s dresser which could weight 50 lbs, or a triple dresser which could weight 250 lbs? Moving companies typically charge based on weight, and without an estimator being onsite to see what is being moved, the charges can add up quickly. Make sure that your long distance moving company does an in-home survey to get a better idea of what needs to be moved.

4. Beware the non-guaranteed quote

One of the dirtier industry practices is enticing the customer with a low-ball quote that isn’t guaranteed. These quotes may state a non-guarantee in tiny writing, or not state anything at all that you as the customer won’t notice until you get your final bill that is significantly more than the initial estimate. Things like long walk, stair carries, shuttles, and extra drop-offs and pickups will definitely cost extra. While most estimates are based on weights, try and get guarantee’s or firm prices on your moves. It is better to know upfront what you are going to pay, rather than later. While it is difficult to pin point the exact weight of your move, some moving companies will guarantee your weight to within 10%. This means that you won’t pay more than 10% of the estimated costs. Talk to your estimator to see what they can offer for your Move in Canada.

5. Down payments

While some long distance moving companies charge small down payments (somewhere around 10%), beware the mover that asks for a large portion or even the full price up front. This is not an industry common practice, rather the warning sign of a mover looking to scam you. If your mover is asking for a sizable down payment, your best bet is to walk away.

While some movers are looking to throw you for a loop, that is not indicative of the industry as a whole. The biggest things is to make sure that you do your do-diligence before selecting your mover. In the same way that you would do your research as you look into your dream home, make sure that you take your time and look into your moving company.  After all, they are moving some of your most prized possessions, and everything that you own.

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