How much it costs to move in Winnipeg

How Much It Costs To Move In Winnipeg: Factors To Consider

What are some of the factors to consider when breaking down a move in Winnipeg?

When you are thinking about moving, there can be a number of costs to consider. As you break down how much it costs to move in Winnipeg, it can help to break down your move into 3 categories; origin costs, moving costs, and destination costs. Along with this breakdown, it can help to create a budget to understand how much you can allocate to each category or action item. Please note that this post is geared towards home owners, rather than renters.

As you consider how much it costs to move in Winnipeg, here are some factors to consider in each of the different categories.


Home selling costs

It is important to note that this is quite a broad category that could include a wide variety of costs. These items can range from things such as: realtor commission fees, lawyer fees, fees associated with breaking a mortgage, as well as any applicable appraisal fees. It is important to understand what your costs are so that you can budget accordingly. Of course these costs will also depend on whether or not you sell your home yourself or hire a realtor.

Home improvement/repair costs

This can be a tricky topic when determining how much it costs to move in Winnipeg. You need to determine what you are looking to get out of your home. If you are looking to get the most out of your home, there may be some upgrades or repairs that could be needed before you sell. If you are looking to move on quickly, the cost to improve or repair your home could be minimal, but your eventual selling price could also reflect that. It is important to determine what route you want to take as you prepare your budget.

Double housing payments

This of course will be dependent on what the selling and buying situation are in advance of your move. As you consider how much it costs to move in Winnipeg, a significant factor will be the state of the housing market.

Moving costs:

Hiring professionals

When preparing a budget for how much it costs to move in Winnipeg, one of the factors to certainly consider is moving costs. Moving costs themselves are based on the amount of stuff that you are moving. The more that you move, the more it will cost.

Valuation costs

Valuation is essentially a fee that covers any damage that is incurred during the move. While it is optional, covers you and allows the moving company to either repair or replace the item in the event that any damage is incurred.

Packing supplies

With the corporate green initiatives that have been a major focus in recent years, fewer and fewer organizations are offering free boxes. When budgeting how much it costs to move in Winnipeg, be sure to include packing supplies. They are available for purchase at your local moving agent, or at most home renovation stores. Along with boxes, rubber totes can be a cheaper option for regular non-breakables.



While moving across Winnipeg may not be far, don’t kid yourself, it can be a long day. Along with that, unpacking and getting settled in can take a while to do. Chances are, that you will be tired, and therefore will be more likely than not to order food. Make sure that you add that to your budget as you figure out how much it costs to move in Winnipeg.


This cost is obvious as you prepare to live in your new home. As you budget, make sure to include items such as heat, water, internet, hydro, gas, and any other miscellaneous utilities expenses that may come up, and find out if there are any changes in price for different areas.

Changing out locks

As you purchase your new home, think about all the people that have had access to it. Not only will the departing family most likely have keys, but also the real estate agent, as well as a variety of other people that may have needed access to the home such as contractors, tradesman, appraisers etc. Make sure to change the locks out at your new place, and include that in your budget.

Renovations/repair costs

If you buy a home in as is condition, there is a chance that a few things need updating, and or repairs. Make sure to add that into your budget as you break down how much it costs to move in Winnipeg.

Keep in mind, that not every move will require all these costs, and that this blog is geared towards home owners. But it is important to consider all of these factors as you figure out how much it costs to move in Winnipeg. Not all moves will cost the same, so budgeting will be important, as you figure out how much your move could cost. Also, keep in mind that moves that go across the country, or even across the province will be priced differently than those moving within the city.

As has been mentioned before in our blogs, make sure that you give yourself enough time to prepare for your move. Last minute moves can come with a significant amount of stress and extra costs. The more time you can give yourself, the easier your move will be. For more information on how to prepare for your move, check out our blog. If you need help with your upcoming move, make sure to give Quick Transfer a call to see how we can help you.