moving long distance across Canada

Moving Long Distance Across Canada: Moving Into A New Beginning

How to make your move in day smooth

Moving long distance across Canada can come with a mixed bag of emotions. On the one hand, you can be leaving family and friends behind, but on the other hand, moving long distance across Canada gives you the opportunity to start fresh and new.

With respect to your move, moving long distance across Canada allows you not only to start fresh in a new home, but also gives you the chance to get to your new home before your possessions do. Move in day can be hectic, but there are some things that you can do before your possessions arrive to make move in day flow smoothly.

Moving long distance across Canada can give you the opportunity to prepare for your move in day, in advance. Here are some tips to help ensure a smooth move in day

Make a plan

As we have mentioned, if you’re moving long distance across Canada, you can get to your new home before your furniture does. Take some time to walk through each room and make a plan as to where things will be placed. For instance, where will the boxes go in each room? Where is the bed going to get set up? Where is the dresser going to sit? Make a plan before hand so that when your things are coming into the house, you know where they will go.

Make arrangements for kids or pets

While it is nice to allow your children and pets to get a lay of the land, and get acclimated to their new home, try and make arrangements on move in day to have them stay with a friend or family member. The last thing that your movers want to do, is hurt your child or pet, or get hurt trying to sidestep them with furniture in their hands. If having someone pick them up is not an option, designate a room for your pets, or kids on moving day to keep them out of harms way.

Be available to answer questions

While this may seem like common sense, as the saying goes, common sense isn’t so common. You would be surprised at the amount of people who think that moving day is a great time to get to know their neighbors, step out for errands, or do yard work. When moving long distance across Canada, make sure that you are available to answer questions or provide guidance on moving in day. It will help cut down on placing things in the wrong rooms, and will make things go quicker as the movers aren’t looking for you, or waiting for you to get back.

Label each room, and put up a layout of each room

This can help your delivery crew with placing furniture in each room. It can help ensure that even if you aren’t able to show them where things go in a room, they can get a sense of where to place boxes and furniture.  If you have the time to draw a rough layout of the room, it can certainly help make move in day smoother. There are even some free programs that you can use to map out the layout of different rooms.

Have a designated space for question mark items

One thing that we have heard countless times, is “I have way too much stuff, I don’t even know where to put that.” Consider designating a room, or some floor space for question mark items. This will allow your delivery crew to keep bringing things in as you try to figure out the best place for those items.

Make sure your home is move ready

When moving long distance across Canada, make sure that your home is ready for delivery. Some of the things that you can do to ensure that your home is ready to move into is; take doors off in bedrooms, remove handrails going to basement, shovel your driveway (in the winter) etc. This will allow your movers to start moving you in right away, without having to prepare your home.

Make space for the truck

As mentioned earlier, if you arrive earlier than your furniture, make sure to make arrangements to block off some space on your street for the moving truck. If that will require that the truck take up some of your neighbor’s driveway, talk to your neighbors the day before the truck arrives. While this will not only allow you meet them, it will also ensure that you don’t need to scramble to try and get a hold of them while they are getting ready for work, getting their kids ready for school, or even sleeping after a night shift.

While moving day can be busy, there are things that you can do to ensure that things go smoothly. Take the time to prepare in advance, so that when your movers arrive, you are ready to hit the ground running. Moving in day can be a long day, as you try to get your home up and running. Being ready for your movers will help cut down on moving time, and will allow your crew to move you in more efficiently and effectively. For tips on how to unpack your kitchen and other rooms, make sure to read our blog out.

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