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Local Move In Winnipeg: How To Prepare For Rain

Moving in the rain

Moving day is finally here. You have spent the past few weeks going through your things in preparation of your local move in Winnipeg. You have sifted through things, packed up what you’re taking, and are awaiting your movers. You look outside and see some dark clouds overhead. As you prepare for your local move in Winnipeg, you quickly come to terms with the fact that it’s going to rain. Moving during rain is never fun, but it may be a reality as the summer months approach. While Winnipeg is one of the sunniest places in Canada it certainly has its fair share of rainy days.

If you look at the forecast and see that it may rain during your coordinated moving date, here are some tips for things that you can do to help your movers out during your local move in Winnipeg.

 Reinforce your boxes

During preparation of your local move in Winnipeg, use some extra tape on the bottom of your boxes. While cardboard boxes are built to be as durable as cardboard boxes can be, rain will of course weaken them, and can leave them soggy. Help reinforce the bottom of the boxes so that your possessions don’t fall through the bottom. This will help prevent any tearing of the boxes as they are carried. While your movers are trained on how to best carry boxes, you can help them out by ensuring the box is taped up well on the bottom.

Use Garbage bags

During your local move in Winnipeg, using garbage bags to cover clothes or pillow can be a great way to keep them dry. Garbage bags can be used for anything delicate that needs to remain dry, and can be cut and tapped up as well to make a makeshift cover for anything larger that may need to stay dry. If you aren’t using wardrobe boxes for any clothes, poking a hole in the tops of the garbage bags for hangers can be a great way to keep clothes dry.

Centralize what you can

During your local move in Winnipeg, if you can, try to centralize what you can in one room. If you don’t have the ability or opportunity to do this, it isn’t the end all be all, but centralizing things will keep the need for walking all through the house to a minimum. We will cover some of the things that your movers can do to help next.

Clearly mark items that cannot get wet

During your local move in Winnipeg, you may have some items that may be highly susceptible to water damage. For those items, clearly mark them with a bright sticky note, and let your movers know in advance. They can hold off on special items until there is a break in the rain, or double pad the item with furniture blankets to ensure that they don’t get wet. It may be a good idea to also set those things off to the side, so they don’t accidentally get taken during a rain spurt.

If it’s raining outside, there are things that your mover will do to help do their best to they keep your home and things dry during your local move in Winnipeg.

Cover your floors

If it’s raining during your local move in Winnipeg, while your movers should be laying either floor runners or blankets out during your mover regardless, they can certainly beef up the amount of covering for your floors to do their best to prevent your floors or carpets from getting wet.

Wrap things up inside the home

During your local move in Winnipeg, your movers should be wrapping things up inside the home as much as possible. While there are some items that may be tough to wrap up and carry/maneuver through a home, your movers will do their best to protect your goods and keep them dry during your upcoming move.

Use plastic covers

Regardless of whether it is raining or not, your movers should be using plastic covers on your mattresses during your local move in Winnipeg. Plastic covers not only protect your mattress from getting wet, but also from getting covered in dirt or dust. They should also be covering upholstery with pads or plastic covers. This will also help protect your couches and oversized chairs from any rain.

Parking close

Depending on where you’re moving to, your movers should be doing their best to park close. If you’re moving long distance, chances are that your movers will bring a semi. That will of course restrict where they can park. If you are just moving locally in Winnipeg, then your movers can do their best to park as close as they can to your home to minimize exposing your furniture to the rain.

A combined effort to prepare your goods with the possibility of rain in mind, along with the efforts of your moving crew will go a long ways to giving you a smooth move in event of rain. As you prepare, another suggestion may be to use plastic tubs whenever possible to keep things dry and waterproof. While packing using only plastic tubs isn’t realistic, using plastic tubs if you have them can help. While moving in rain certainly is an inconvenience, there are certainly steps that can be taken to help you have a smooth move.

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