Moving in Canada

Moving In Canada, A Big Change For Your Little Pet.

How to best acclimate your pet during your move

While moving in Canada can be stressful at times for you, it can most certainly be stressful for pets who also partake in your move in Canada. Just imagine, strangers that you don’t know walking into your home, grabbing your things, and simply walking out. You don’t know who they are, or even what’s happening. It’s quite easy to see how moving can be stressful for your pets.

While it can be stressful, there are a number of things that you can do to help your pets adjust whether your moving within your city, or moving in Canada.

Here are 5 things you can do to help make sure your pet is alright while moving in Canada:

1. Plan out your move

The last few blog posts have stressed the importance of giving yourself enough time to clean, or when your’re de-cluttering. The same principle applies here. Before you move your pet, sit down and plan everything out. Include things such as trips to the vet, food, making an overnight bag, as well as transportation of your pet. For example, if you are moving a significant distance, you may want to consider shipping your pet. This needs to be done in advance so that your pet can get accustomed to his or her cage as well as different altitudes if they are flying. Make sure to look for local vets if you’re moving in Canada. While your current vet can also give you some advice, make sure to do some research.

2. Schedule an appointment to the vet

This is more important if you are moving larger distances. For instance, if you are Moving across Canada, you should speak to your vet about: good vets in your new neighborhood, getting your pets medical records transferred, as well as any medications that your pets take.  Your vet will also be able to advise you of anything to be careful of and watch out for during your move.

3. Show them their new home

If you have the ability, it can help to show your pet their new home. Allowing them to check out their new residence can relieve some stress come move day, as they are already accustomed to the new home. Of course if you are moving across Canada, this will be a little more difficult to do.

4. Make arrangements on moving day

Make sure to keep your pets out of the way come move day. The last thing you or your movers want is to step on your pets. Some arrangements that you can make include: having a family member or friend look after them, putting them into an empty room in your house with food and water, arranging to put them into a kennel or pet hotel over night. It is important to denote that the last option requires that your pet is up to date on their shots, and many kennels or pet hotels require assessments before you bring your pet to stay. Plan accordingly!

5. Make your new home familiar

Do what you can to make your new place seem familiar to them. Lay out their beds or favorite toys to help them feel more at home. Get some extra treats to spoil them a little, after all, they deserve it. Do what you can to make your home feel like the old familiar home that they have grown accustomed to.

While moving can be difficult on us at times, it is important to remember that it is stressful on pets as well. While some moves are sudden, try to leave yourself enough time to allow your pet to acclimate to their new surroundings. Talk to your local vet, and they may be able to give you additional things that you can do to help better acclimate your pet to your new home whether that be across the city, or across the country.

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