fall move in Winnipeg

Fall Move In Winnipeg: What You Need To Know

How to Prepare for a Fall Move

The labor day weekend has passed. Your kids just left your home on the first day of school. You grab a cup of coffee, and sit down on the couch for some quiet time. You pick up your iPad and for kicks and giggles, you take a look at MLS. As chance would have it, that home that you have always had your eye on was just listed! You take a look at the price, and it comes in, just under your budget. You speak with your significant other, and decide that it’s the right time to go after it. 3 weeks later, you’ve purchased the home, and getting ready for a fall move in Winnipeg

As you prepare for a fall move in Winnipeg, here are some things to think about

Prepare for the weather

When preparing for a fall move in Winnipeg, take warm clothes with you if you. It’s impossible to put on clothes that you didn’t bring. You may wake up to a cool morning but end your day in sticky heat. Make sure that you have a change of clothes with you in a small bag, even if it’s a small move. While small moves may only take up a portion of the day, with all the rigors of moving, it’s easy to be tired, and put off unpacking until the next day. Having a change of clothes will ensure that you’re ready not only for moving day, but also the following day. Here are some tips for things to pack into an overnight bag.

More move dates are available

Many families with young children will try to move while the kids are out of school for the summer. This means that, a fall move in Winnipeg will leave a little more flexibility for you, and the dates that you’ll need. That being said, it is still important that you book your dates as much in advance as you can. While the lead time between notification and the move date doesn’t need to be 6 weeks in advance, like during the summer, the more notice, the better.

Watch for leaves and ice

In preparation for a fall move in Winnipeg, make sure walkways and driveway are clear of fallen leaves as they can become slippery and cause accidents for you and your moving crew. Likewise, muddy areas from moisture can cause dirt and debris to be tracked into the house. While your movers should be laying either floor runners or blankets out during your move regardless, a simple sweep can increase the amount of protection for your floors to prevent your floor or carpets from getting wet.

Condensation can freeze and cause icy patches even before the snow. Have a small bucket of salt ready just in case. Also, keep a shovel on hand just in case the snow flies earlier than expected – hey, we live in Canada. We have seen in snow in August and rain in December. If you can, while preparing for a fall move in Winnipeg, take a shovel in your own vehicle as you may need it at the delivery address. Alternatively, ask the moving crew to pack it at the end of your load so that it is the first thing off the truck if you need it right away to clear a path to your new home’s front door.

Are the kids alright?

While a fall move in Winnipeg may not be an ideal time for a move, depending on the area you’re moving to, it may make more sense for your child to change schools. Do your homework ahead of time to ensure a smooth transition for your child and take the local schools into consideration when choosing your new home. Alternatively, make sure if it’s important for your child to stay in their current school, that you can make arrangements to get them to school.

Garage sale season

During a fall move in Winnipeg, due to the fact that the lake season is drawing to a close, more and more families will be in the city for the weekend. This can allow you to get maximum exposure for your yard sale. Moves are often billed on weight, and therefore the more you have, the more they cost. The more you can get rid of, typically the better. Check out these tips for de-cluttering in preparation for your local move in Winnipeg.

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