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Winnipeg Local Move: How Your Movers Should Protect Your Home

What movers should do to protect your home on moving day – Winnipeg local move

It has been said that moving is one of the top three most stressful things in life. When you step back to take a look at everything that goes into a Winnipeg local move, or any move in general, you can certainly understand why. If you have bought or sold a home, you understand there are a significant amount of elements that go into the purchase or sale. It is a significant investment, and you of course want to make sure that you protect that investment. After all, you don’t want damage in your new home, and you don’t want the hassle of trying to fix your old home that you no longer own. During your Winnipeg local move, to help you protect that investment, there are some things that your movers should be doing, to do their part in keeping your home in good condition.

During your Winnipeg local move, here are some things that any local moving company should do to help keep your home safe.

Protecting your banisters

During your Winnipeg local move, this is something that your movers should certainly do. They can accomplish this by using furniture blankets to pad the banisters up to prevent any sort of scratching or scraping. While the protection doesn’t have to be fancy (a simple furniture blanket taped down), it will help prevent any scratches from furniture rubbing again it as things are taken out of the home.

Laying out floor protection

There are a number of ways that your movers can protect your floors during your Winnipeg local move. They can lay “floor runners” out. These floor runners are rubber and grip the ground to prevent slipping. Your movers can also lay out a roll of self adhesive plastic covering. This also sticks to the floor to prevent slipping. In the event that neither of those two options, your movers can always protect your floor with moving blankets that are tapped down. The floor protection serves to prevent any floor damage during your move. Hardwood floor can be tough to fix, as well as vinyl flooring.

Taking large items apart

In order to help ensure that your home is protected during your Winnipeg local move, your movers should be taking large items apart. For instance, during your Winnipeg local move, you may have a queen sized bed frame to be moved. In order to ensure that you don’t damage or scratch any walls, the frame should be taken apart to prevent any damage. The same could go for couches and large oversized chairs. You can take the feet off of them to ensure no scratches to doors or door frames as you take them out of the house. Of course, there are large things that cannot be taken apart, but if it came into the home in pieces and required assembly, then it should be disassembled before it’s taken out.

Padding furniture inside

During your Winnipeg local move, your movers should be padding as much as they can inside the home. While this protects your furniture, it also serves to protect your home. For instance if a dresser is carried out of your home unpadded a light brush against a wall could leave a mark or scratch. If the piece is padded, the same brush would likely not leave any marks. It is important to note that there may be instances where large oversized pieces such as sofa’s may be difficult to get through the doors while padded, so while not every piece can be moved while padded, the majority should be.

Taking doors off

While it may not be mandatory, taking doors off can help during your Winnipeg local move. While most piece of furniture may be able to fit through the door, there are usually a few items that are a tight fit. Taking the door off will prevent any scratches or rubs that could happen as a result of pushing something out the door. Taking the door off is often a simple thing that helps to prevent damage by giving an extra few inches to large pieces coming out of the house. This makes a difference when carrying large piece out!

While damage may happen from time to time, there are things that your movers can do to help prevent damage to your home. If your movers aren’t protecting your floors as much as you’d like or if you have some questions or concerns about certain pieces, make sure to talk to them. You can always ask for more protection during your move. Standing back and staying quiet won’t help should something happen. After all, your home, and your furniture is your investment, and you have a right to protect it. Check out our blog for more tips on how to be ready for moving day!

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