Our Moving Stories

Closer to Family

Perhaps it was time to undo their decision to move away two years ago. Those precious children were growing up so fast, and he and Wanda were missing too many key moments. “Maybe,” he continued, somewhat afraid of what he about to suggest, “maybe we could move back to Winnipeg.

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I Don’t Have Time For This!

Cindy stared at the email from Brad, the CEO, in disbelief. I’m tasking you with arranging the move of our people & workstations to the new office. Please see me if you have any questions.

She rose from her desk and marched straight to Brad’s office. He saw her coming and beckoned for her to come in.

“From the look on your face, I take it you’ve seen my email.”

“Is it that obvious?”

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Dream Home

Tony and Erin and their three children had lived in a 4 bedroom bungalow for ten years, and while the house was pleasant enough and had many cherished memories, it never quite felt like home. Erin, a financial planner, dreamed of a large, sunny home office and an expansive pantry and kitchen, and Tony, a carpenter by trade, longed to build something for himself for a change.

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Empty Nesters

Ted and Lorna both retired a year ago, and their boys were all grown up and had started families of their own. They slowly came to the realization that it was time to stop maintaining an empty 1500 ft² house, so they began downsizing. They listed their house, which quickly sold to a cute young family, and then purchased a shiny new condo in the Valhalla neighbourhood.

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Honey, I got the job!

Tim’s cellphone buzzed silently in his pocket. He pulled it out and saw his wife Wendy’s number. Saving his active file and closing the laptop, he stood and walked to his study window as he answered the call.

“Hi babe. So?”

“So… did you mean it when you said you’d follow me anywhere?”

“Absolutely.” He truly had, as his devotion to his wife was without question, and the nature of his own web design clientele across the country made his job fairly mobile.

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Relationship Status Update: “It’s Complicated”

Three years. That’s how much of Robyn’s life had been wasted with Jeff.

Well, she thought to herself, maybe wasted isn’t fair. He wasn’t a bad guy. They were just too different. He was being sent on business trips with increasing frequency, and her hectic schedule managing the animal shelter kept her busy too. And when he was home, all he wanted to do was play video games instead of investing time in their relationship. She couldn’t pinpoint exactly when they started to grow apart, but she knew that the romance and chemistry that used to be a mainstay in their relationship was gone.

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