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Office Moving In Winnipeg: It’s Not Just About Moving Things

Office moving in Winnipeg; what else do you need to consider

You’ve just scaled up, business is booming, and you couldn’t be happier – or busier. While HR is sifting through the dozens of applications received during the week, the office that you grew your start up in is starting to feel a little cramped. The storage room is overflowing with product, and even with hot desking, squeezing another person in without disrupting work flow is well… just not going to work anymore. You’ve scaled up and right out of your old space. It’s not about design, it’s about square footage. It’s time to consider office moving in Winnipeg. You find a new space, assign a Project Manager and as boxes are checked off in preparation for the big day, you can’t help but feel like something is amiss.

Office moving in Winnipeg can be an overwhelming and intimidating process, but even the most well planned and executed move can run into trouble if employees are not consulted or informed of what to expect before, during and after the move. Tensions can grow and what used to be a happy, healthy office environment can quickly sour. Amid all the planning to ensure that business and internet connections are not disrupted, don’t forget to check on your staff. The physical move may happen over a weekend, but the effects on the people themselves are cab be impactful on more that just their daily walk to the break room. Read on to see what we at Quick Transfer have learned with our experience on office moving in Winnipeg through both large scale office moves, and small office projects.

How an Office Move May Affect Your Employees

Longer commutes

If you are considering office moving in Winnipeg that takes you substantially further from your current location, or just moving to the other side of town, your employees may experience more than just a change to their in office routines. Employees who rely on public transit and those whose family depends on being close to work, may need to adjust their days to make room for more travel time, while others may find the new location more convenient. Take the time in your planning to review transit routes and ease of access to the new location. Ensure that the people you need in the office every day can make it there without having to sacrifice their peace of mind or their families, and they will be more likely to support the move and stay on board. Obtaining copies of common transit routes, or paying for taxi costs for workers for the first few weeks, can help employees feel more comfortable with the commute.

Adjusting of routines based on space

The accounting department used to be right next to the planning department, but your new layout has them on a different floor. It won’t always seem like a new space, but it is easy to become stuck in that mindset. While you understand how spatial changes will have a positive impact, communicate this to your employees so that they understand that you have their best interests in mind throughout the office moving in Winnipeg. While a routine may be comfortable, that doesn’t always mean that it is the best way to do things. There will be an adjustment period, but regular reminders of what will be improved in the new space can help.

Nearby Amenities

Your employees were used to grabbing coffee at the café next door, but now the nearest coffee shop is at least a 15-minute walk away. Have a plan on hand to alleviate grumbling by ensuring that anything that will not exist at your new location will be carried over by the organization, within reason of course. During office moving in Winnipeg, access to coffee should never be denied based on logistics.

Pressure to perform as company expenses increase

Maybe your move is a financial risk, but you just can’t see being able to grow your business without more physical room. The added expenses can quickly become a burden to your employees such as sales professionals who know that they contribute directly to the company’s bottom line. Make sure to communicate often that you support them and believe in their ability to grow the company during the office moving in Winnipeg process.

Employee resistance to change

Sometimes it doesn’t matter what kind of benefits will be brought about by a change, some employees are more than happy to stick with their routine and the expectations of the status quo. These people tend to have a “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” kind of attitude.  This isn’t necessarily a bad trait, as these same employees lend to risk management and provide a much-needed point of view.  Once the final decision to undergo office moving in Winnipeg has been made, hear out their concerns and then help them to visualize the future so that they can see that while something is not necessarily broken, a pre-emptive change can prevent miss-steps along the way. Make sure they understand the ‘why’ behind the changes that are coming.


Some people experience large amounts of anxiety when facing a big change in their physical environment and may need some extra time to not only process the idea of office moving in Winnipeg, but to adjust once the move has taken place. Having information on hand prior to your move, such as where they will be sitting and how their day will play out in the new space can be immensely helpful in alleviating fears. If possible, take your teams to the new space as the move date nears so that they can acclimatize to the changes and will be able to walk in to their first day at the new location with confidence instead of trepidation. Good communication and transparency will go a long way in earning the trust and support of your team members.

Provide support

Often, the one in charge of the office moving in Winnipeg, is someone with little to no experience with moving. While they may have some ideas about getting things like internet set up at the destination location, they may not know what else needs to happen, and how to coordinate everything. Give your office moving manager some support. Take time to do some research on steps to include, and things to consider as you prepare. Talk to Quick Transfer about how we can support you for your upcoming office move.

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Although office moving in Winnipeg can seem like a daunting task to tackle, as goes with any sort of move preparation, the more time you give yourself, the less stress you will have. The less stress you have with office moving in Winnipeg, the better for you and your company!

If office moving in Winnipeg is something that you will need help with in the future, get in touch with Quick Transfer. With over 50 years of expertise in office moving ranging from large jobs such as relocating entire warehouses and consolidating companies from many locations into one central location, to small jobs such as moving a file cabinet across the room. We have the experience to help you get any size job done. Make sure to get in touch with Quick Transfer before your next office move!