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Office Moving In Winnipeg: Beware The Low Cost Provider

What to expect from your providers during your upcoming office move.

Office moving in Winnipeg is a necessity in todays workplace. With the emphasis placed on cutting costs, and staying on, or finishing the year below budget, office moving in Winnipeg may be an inevitability. You may be getting a number of quotes and doing your do-diligence. While office moving can certainly cost you money if you get it done by a reputable and trustworthy moving company, beware the low-cost provider. While companies may provide you with a low-cost quote, with what seems like a deal, we can assure you that it isn’t.

Broken and damaged items and property cost money to fix or replace. Factor that into the time, efforts, and stress spent coordinating deliveries of replacements, or repairs and your costs can double or triple. Office moving is certainly one area where it may pay to pay a little more.

If you’re considering office moving in Winnipeg in the near future, no matter how big or small, here are some things that you should expect from your movers.

Make sure they are qualified to carry out the work

They should be a licensed moving company. For office moving in Winnipeg, any reputable movers should be members of the Canadian Association of Movers. Make sure to also check out their reviews and feedback on the BBB. That can be a candid and trusted source to find out what other customers true feelings and feedback are towards the company you’re considering.

They screen their employees

This can be an important factor in office moving. One of the variables rolled into any quote is the cost of labour. If companies pay less to their employees, it may be reflected in their quote. Employing reputable employees may cost more, but it ensures that your possessions will be in the best hands. While this may cost you a little more, it gives you peace of mind that the job will be done well the first time, and will result in less time spent correcting things after the job is done.

A plan in place for your move

Do they have a plan for your office move, or will they just wing it? Have they accounted for and set aside enough man power to complete the job in a timely and efficient manner? While working late into the night may not be a big deal for the crew, you will need someone onsite to guide them as they work to complete the job, and working late due to poor planning is never fun.

A personalized and thorough quote

While a quote doesn’t say everything about an organization, it certainly gives you a little bit of insight into their company. Does their quote answer any questions or issues that were raised about the upcoming move? Is the quote personalized to you and your upcoming office move in Winnipeg, or was it just a boilerplate that they filled in? Personalizing a quote, while a small thing, can show that the company pays attention to detail, something that is important in any office moving company.

They are interested in your business

Anyone can simply fire off an email with a quote, but have they taken the time to personally explain the quote to you, so you know what to expect? Taking a little bit of time to explain the quote can show that they genuinely want your business, and they genuinely care about you. The last thing you want is someone to perform your office moving in Winnipeg that doesn’t care about what you do, and your things as much as you do.


Often, lowest price providers will try and lure you into choosing them by offering a low cost. The final bill you pay is virtually never what you were quoted, often adding up to double or triple what was originally quoted. If a company is confident in knowing that they can get the job done, they should be able to offer a guarantee on any office moving in Winnipeg work required from what they were shown.


They should be able to provide referrals from work completed in the past. Trusted movers are trusted for a reason. They have a paper trail of compliments, and praise for past work well done. Referrals can also provide proof that they can deliver on your requirements having completed work with similar scope and size in the past. Make sure to ask them for referrals before you make your choice.

Factor in your feelings

When companies address all these pre-requisites, and go the extra mile in showing that they care about you, it more often than not leaves you with a sense of peace. It allows you to go about the moving process knowing that you’re in good hands. After the salesperson has left, you should have a sense of peace knowing that things will be well looked after. The less stress you have going into any office moving in Winnipeg, the better for you! Here are some more tips on the best way to prepare to succeed in your office move.

As you prepare for your office moving in Winnipeg, these are some important factors to validate and check on when choosing your office moving company. While your company of choice may cost more, it may save you significant costs, and stress down the road. The care and attention than your provider shows at the outset of the moving process often provides a little window into how they do business, and how you will be taken care of. When office moving in Winnipeg, beware the lowest cost provider!

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