long distance move within Canada

Moving With Kids; Long Distance Move Within Canada

Moving With Kids – Long distance move within Canada

Preparation for your upcoming long distance move within Canada is stressful enough to begin with – but trying to do it with children in tow can add a whole new level to your stress if you don’t know what to do. What can seem like a straight forward process can blow up into unbridled chaos within a very short amount of time if you aren’t prepared.

Do not fear! If as you prepare for your upcoming long distance move within Canada, try these tips and tricks out to make the experience less chaotic for both you and your little ones.

Collect their Memories

Memory collecting as you lead up to your move can be a great way to help children prepare them selves emotionally for your upcoming long distance move within Canada. Even if you are not moving to a different city or province, the neighborhood that they currently live in has likely had a significant impact on their lives. Grab your camera (most likely your smartphone) and take an afternoon to visit all the places that your child finds important to them. Ask them what they would like to remember so that you can document them with a photo. Later, after the move, they can create a memory book with the photos and write down the memories that are special to them and associated with that place. This gives them an outlet for feelings of homesickness and helps them process their changing environment.

Pack for an adventure

Sure, you don’t need help packing the heirloom china, but letting kids pack a box of their own with all their most prized possessions lets them feel like they have some control over the changes that take place during their upcoming long distance move within Canada. Pull out the art supplies and let them decorate the box however they like. Keep this box separate from the rest of your household goods, either by taking it in your own vehicle, or by requesting as a last loaded/first unloaded item. As soon as you arrive at your new home, your child can get to work creating their new space with the things that are most important to them.

Unpack their room first

If possible, unpack and set up the kid’s rooms first. This not only gives them a job to do while the rest of your home is unloaded and unpacked, keeping them out of harms way and out from underfoot, but lets them have some autonomy as they settle in to their new surroundings following your long distance move within Canada.

Let Your Routines Bend a Little

Sure, bedtime is normally at 8pm sharp and under no circumstances are they allowed to eat in the living room. But now is also a good time to let them explore their new digs a little. Let them stay up a little later so that they can see what the trees and stars outside their window look like after dark. Have a picnic in the living room and pretend that the stacked boxes are hills and mountains that you have hiked through on your way to a new adventure. Maintaining a familiar routine is still important and offers a sense of security, but so is exploration and familiarization. A good balance of the two will go a long way, and may even be the start of a couple new traditions following your long distance move within Canada.

Visualize the Future

Before the big day, take the kids to the new neighborhood, and home so that they can get used to the area and visualize their own future in the new community. Too far away to visit before relocating? Thanks to Google, you can explore your new home online. Search for community services, research the school they will be attending, and use Google Maps to go on a virtual walk down the streets. If your child has a specific interest, you can show them where they can go in the community to take part and make new friends. If you have purchased a house, you can show them the online listing and point out which room will be theirs. This all serves to help give them a sense of familiarity with your new home following your long distance move within Canada.

Help them prepare for culture shock

If you are moving to a new province or country, take the time to prepare your kids for culture shock. Online blogs written by people in your new city can be a wealth of information on cultural changes to expect. If your child will be expected to learn a new language, help them adjust by listening to music or watching instructional videos on YouTube in the new language. The local library may have books that show what to expect from daily life in their new surroundings. If you’re moving to another country, explore the cuisine that may be specific to your new home. For instance, if you’re moving to a place like Germany, find some German meals and have a Germany night. Dress in local fashion, eat local food. This can help your kids feel more comfortable once you get there. Easing them into the new culture before you arrive can minimize the shock that comes from a drastic change in cultural surroundings.

Long distance moving within Canada, or even within your current city can be stressful for your kids. Kids grow accustomed to their surroundings, and changing those can invite anxiety and stress as they begin the process of growing accustomed to a new home. Helping them acclimate to their new surroundings can speed up the familiarity process and help them adjust.

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