moving to a new city in Canada

Moving To A New City In Canada, Packing Up Your Garage

How to pack a garage

When your thinking about moving to a new city in Canada, packing can be a large obstacle in the moving process. People usually think that they don’t actually have that much until it comes time to pack, and all of a sudden they realize that they actually have a lot of stuff! Don’t worry, you’ll get it all packed up.
In preparation for moving to a new city in Canada, there are a number of rooms that can be tricky to pack up, and can be very daunting. Your garage is one of those rooms. It can be tricky because it can contain many odd-shaped items. For instance, how many scroll saws do you have? Most people won’t have more than one, if they even have one. Other than a scroll saw itself, can you think of anything that is shaped like a scroll saw? I can’t think of many. Along with that, often times, the garage is where many people put their home gyms, or where they house their tool collection. When your moving to a new city in Canada, garages can certainly take a significant amount of time to pack, and can be one of the heavier rooms in the house.

When your considering moving to a new city in Canada, here are some tips for how to best pack your garage.

Get rid of items that you can’t move

In one of our last blog posts, we covered items that your mover cannot take. As you prepare to pack your garage, get rid of items that you cannot move. It can help cut down on the number of items to pack. Remember, if it can explode or corrode, we cannot take it on the road.

Prepare any motorized items and barbeque

This builds off the last step. When moving to a new city in Canada, you need to drain the fuel out of any motorized yard equipment. Leaving the oil in it, is fine, but fuel is not. The same goes for moving a barbeque, you need to make sure that you disconnect the propane tank. If you’re need to dispose of gas, be sure to check out, how to dispose of gasoline.

Pack small tools in smaller boxes

While a screw driver by itself doesn’t weigh much, 10 of them will. Add to that some wrenches and hammers and all of a sudden, your weight has added up. If you think, “well I have a lot of tools, ill just get them all into one larger box”, do us a favour, and try and lift it…Good luck. Smaller tools should be packed into smaller boxes to ensure that they don’t weight too much.

Keep what you can in original packaging

If you had a significant amount of power tools that are still in their cases, I have good news. You can keep them in their cases, and those you can pack into larger cartons. They are also easier to pack, and fill around in their cases.

Pack items with sharp edges in paper

If you’re packing saws or anything with a sharp blade, make sure to wrap it up in paper. Not only will it protect you when you’re unpacking from slicing your hands, but it will also protect the things that are placed around it in the box.

Bundle larger things together

Do you have a large number of shovels and rakes, and any other long handled garden tools? Bundle those items together, to make it easier to transport. You can bundle them together with tape or tie them together with twine. They are much easier to carry and move around that way.

Larger lighter items can be placed in a wardrobe carton

In our experience, people tend to put a lot of things into their garage. For bigger items that are maybe not as heavy, consider putting them into a wardrobe carton. These cartons are quite large, and can allow you to get a lot of miscellaneous items into one centralized carton. For instance, things like plastic chairs, empty plastic bins, large bundles of oversized Christmas decorations, and even lawn chairs can fit into one of these cartons. Once again, a note of caution, make sure not to place any overtly heavy items in these cartons, as they can become heavy to lift quite quickly.

When moving to a new city in Canada, you need to decide what the best course of action is for you. If the task is too great, make sure to get in touch with your mover to see what they can do for you. No matter whether your moving down the street, or if your moving three provinces away, packing can be overwhelming. As we have mentioned throughout our blogs, make sure that you leave yourself enough time to pack your things up. The las t thing you want when moving to a new city in Canada is to not be ready come moving day.

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