Moving Safety Tips

Is the big day fast approaching? You may not be exchanging heartfelt vows, but moving into a new home is certainly a commitment! To make the most out of your moving day and to reduce the risk of injuries, mishaps, and general inconveniences, take a look at these moving safety tips to make your day a success. As your first choice of moving companies Winnipeg has to offer, we hope you find these helpful.

5 Moving Safety Tips You Don’t Want to Miss

Lift With Your Legs

It may seem easier and more natural to lift with your back, but you will certainly regret it the next day. Instead, go into a squat position rather than bending over from the waist, then raise yourself up with a neutral spine-not overextending or arching your back- and using your legs for most of the lift power.

Drive Carefully

When you’re driving down the highway, music blaring and the sun shining, it’s easy to forget what you’re doing and end up maneuvering the streets a little less carefully than usual. When it comes to moving day, you may want to dial it back a bit! Driving slowly and carefully will reduce the risk of item breakages, and if you’re renting a moving truck, you definitely don’t want to incur any damage. Most people are not accustomed to driving large vehicles like a moving truck or van, so if you’re a little uncomfortable, just make sure to pay close attention to your surroundings and you should be fine.

Have Provisions On Hand

Provisions can mean anything from a First Aid kit to snacks. Moving heavy boxes and furniture items with low blood sugar is a bad idea as you are at greater risk for over exerting yourself or fainting. So make sure you eat enough and keep minor medical supplies on hand as well. You don’t want to have to dig through a bunch of boxes when someone gets a scrape or cut!

Keep a Clear Path

When you’re moving a giant piece of furniture into your new home, you don’t want to have to worry about tripping over things in the yard or materials left lying around during the move. To avoid potential injuries, designate a clear path that you and your movers will take for both the old house and the new one, and be sure to keep that path clear of any debris.

Use the Proper Tools

With our extensive Winnipeg warehousing experience we know dollies and hand trucks are your two most common moving tools. A dolly is a platform with four wheels and two axles, used to transport larger, heavier items like furniture. Dollies come in different shapes and sizes to fit a variety of large items. Handtrucks are often mistakenly called dollies, but there are some fundamental differences. A hand truck typically only has two large wheels and stands upright in an L-shape, allowing you to stack items on top of each other for an efficient move. Moving into a new home can be both an exciting and nerve-wracking endeavor, but with these tips in mind we hope that your day is as easy and light as possible.