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Moving Long Distance From Winnipeg: Dealing With Culture Shock

Long distance moving from Winnipeg – Culture shock

Whether you realize it or not, culture shock can be a real challenge in long distance moving. While culture shock is typically associated with moving overseas or cross border, make no mistake, it can happen to people moving within Canada as well. When you’re moving long distance from Winnipeg, no matter your destination, understanding that culture shock is a real thing, is important. Canada is a proudly diverse country, and understanding that can help minimize culture shock.

There are 4 different stages of culture shock. When you’re moving long distance from Winnipeg, it is important to understand what they are.

Honeymoon  phase

After moving long distance from Winnipeg, in your first few weeks, you are typically in the honeymoon phase. You may love the local food, enjoy the local language, and the local environment, even though you may have no idea what is going on. You’re in love with your choice to relocate, even only if it’s for a short time.

Frustration phase

After moving long distance from Winnipeg, it is during this phase where the rigors of living in a new area begin to rear their ugly head. Not understanding the local languages, local gestures, or local customs starts to wear on you. You may become easily angered by small things which are of course an extension of your overall frustration. It is typically during this phase where homesickness starts to set in.

Adjustment phase

As you begin to adjust from moving long distance from Winnipeg, you begin to slowly understand local culture and begin to develop your own routine. Your environment is no longer as difficult to navigate as it initially was. You begin to develop your own network of friends and build your own personal community of contacts. While you are not fully up to speed on everyday life, you have enough of a handle to navigate this new world.

Acceptance phase

The last phase that people typically experience following a long distance move from Winnipeg is the acceptance phase. Entering this phase doesn’t mean that you have become fluent in the local language, or that you completely understand local culture, rather that you accept it. It is in this phase where you accept where you are, and begin to understand that you don’t need to fully assimilate into or completely understand the local culture in order to succeed. It is here where you feel comfortable where you are, and feel able to operate and live in your new location.

Those are the typical stages that accompany moving long distance from Winnipeg into culturally diverse areas whether that be in Canada, or anywhere globally.

Here are some things to consider and try as you begin to get settled in following moving long distance from Winnipeg.

Research your new home

After moving long distance from Winnipeg, knowing what you’re walking into is important. Take some time before you move to research your new home. Whether you’re moving to Montreal, Germany, or The Maritimes, each city will have it’s own customs, traditions, and local gestures. Take time to research your new home before you move so that you have an idea of what to expect. Take time to understand things such as, the local climate, and time zone differences, and political climate etc. These are all important things to have an understanding of before you move.

Avoid comparing your new and old home

After moving long distance from Winnipeg, it is important to avoid comparing your new home to your old one. By continuously comparing your old home to your new one, you won’t be able to fully settle in.

Step outside your comfort zone

It is important to meet new people in order to build your new network of friends and contacts. Go explore your new home, and be open to ideas and suggestions from others.

Maintain a sense of humour

It is important to keep things light. Keeping a sense of humour will allow you to laugh at your mistakes and stay positive about the situation. When moving into a new area, staying positive is important!

Get involved

Start looking for ways to assimilate into your new home. Whether that be starting a new hobby, joining a new group, or volunteering more. Find ways to get involved in your new home.

Stay in touch

After moving long distance from Winnipeg, it is important to maintain your ties home. While it important not to compare your new and old homes, it is important to stay in touch with family and friends. Friends and family can help you get through difficulties that may happen as a result of your new surroundings.

While you may not think much of culture shock, don’t kid yourself, it can make living in a new city unbearable, and may overshadow all the neat things that your new city has to offer. Make sure that you understand where you are moving to. Whether you are moving for work, or just to experience something new, make sure that you do your research before your move, so that you know what you’re walking into. By taking time to look into your new city, you are giving yourself a better chance to succeed. Here are some additional tips on how to get settled into a new city.

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