Moving into an apartment in Winnipeg

Moving Into An Apartment In Winnipeg, Be Ready For Unique Challenges

The challenges of moving into an apartment

Moving into an apartment in Winnipeg can be an unnerving experience. Whether you’re a savvy apartment veteran, or you’re getting your first apartment by yourself, there is a lot to consider. For instance, does the apartment allow pets? Do you need to pay to book the elevator? Is there a 4 hour move in window or a 2? These are only a few of the things you need to find out before moving into an apartment in Winnipeg.

While there can be a large number of factors to consider, here are some important ones for you to think about before moving into an apartment in Winnipeg, so that you are ready to move in when the time comes.

Booking the elevator

Make sure to check with your landlord or building caretaker before you schedule your moving dates. While you may want to move in tomorrow, your building may require a week’s notice to give other tenants sufficient notice. Make sure before moving into your apartment in Winnipeg that you know what the move in rules are.

Do a walk through beforehand

Make sure to do a walk through of your new apartment with your land lord to note any damage before move day. When you move your furniture in, it can cover up pre-existing damage. The last thing you want is to be liable for a scratch or hole that you didn’t make.

Measure things out

Before moving into an apartment in Winnipeg, make sure that you have taken time to measure out your big items. While your couch may look good in your designated TV room, and it looks like it would fit, make sure to measure it out. We have seen it enough times where things don’t fit where you want them. Especially given the small size of an apartment, and the fact that you don’t have the same amount of storage space to put your items downstairs or in the garage till we can figure out what to do with them.

Plan your layout before move day

Make sure that you have a good idea of where things are going to go before they arrive on move day. For instance, in your bedroom, which way will your bed be facing? Where will your dresser(s) sit? Will you have enough space for a nightstand? Make sure you have a good idea of where your things will go, as it can be frustrating and time consuming for your mover to move things around a number of times within a room.


Know what will and what won’t fit in your apartment. Moving can be a great opportunity to sift through things and figure out what you do and what you don’t need. Given the small square footage of most apartments, taking everything can be unnecessary. Get rid of what you can before moving into an apartment in Winnipeg.

Clean before move day

While your apartment should have been cleaned or left clean by the last tenant, don’t bet on that. If you have a chance, get in and clean before your move crew arrives. Who knows when the next time you will be able to clean underneath or behind your bookcase? For more tips on how to prepare your home for move in, check out our blog to see what else you can do.

Set an attainable schedule for your move and put it in writing

Make sure that you set an attainable schedule for your move. Sit down and set realistic goals for packing, cleaning, appointments with landlords etc. Everything is more official when it’s in writing. This can help you set your dates as you know approximately how long the whole process will take, and when you need to have things done by. Take time to sit down and put something in writing. Check out our Move calendar to help you better plan your move.

While moving always comes with a wide variety of decisions to make and factors to consider, moving into an apartment in Winnipeg certainly follows suit. Give yourself enough time to plan for your move. While movers certainly place things where you want them, moving a piece of furniture around your room a number of times can take up time, and cost you money. While there is an element of truth to not knowing exactly how it will look until it gets there, there is free room planning software that you can use to help plan your room out while moving into an apartment in Winnipeg.

Whether you are moving locally to an apartment down the street or across town, or moving into another city for work, or to be closer to family, make sure that you are ready! Take time to plan your move out from the pre-move preparations to move day, make sure that you’re ready! Give us a call to help out with all your apartment moving needs.