Moving Across Winnipeg

Moving Across Winnipeg, Lifting: The Key To A Smooth Move

How to prevent injuries to your body while moving

Anytime that you are moving across Winnipeg, there is one inevitability that you will have to face, lifting. Whether you do your moving across Winnipeg yourself, or hire professionals like Quick Transfer to do your move, you will have to lift something at some point. While moving across Winnipeg can seem straight forward, caution is required as you can easily pull a muscle or twist awkwardly, which can have lingering and lasting effects.

When moving across Winnipeg, here are some tips on how to best prevent injuries, and help make sure your move goes smooth:

Lift with your legs

This goes without saying, and you have probably heard this a thousand times. When moving across Winnipeg, use your legs and not your back to lift. While you can get away with it for a short period of time, after a while your back will start to hurt. Do yourself a favor and lift properly right from the beginning!

Take your time

This is another thing that you have probably heard a thousand times as well. Often in moving things start to go wrong when you start to rush. Make sure that you take your time, and do things properly. Rushing can often be a cause for injuries as you look to cut corners, and make compromises that you typically wouldn’t. Take your time, and your body will thank you.

Keep things organized

When moving across Winnipeg, your new home can get quite cluttered quite quickly. Take some time to organize things, even though you aren’t able to put things away yet. Stacking boxes along a wall, or keeping things to one side of the room will eliminate tripping hazards. Just imagine, you are walking backwards and carrying a dresser. You are doing your best to look behind you, but you cannot see that small garbage bag of blankets right behind your feet. I won’t play that story out any longer (ouch!!). Staying organized will ensure that you don’t have to worry about tripping hazards.

Don’t be a hero

While everyone wants to look strong, not everyone is. While you may think you look cool carrying that large carton of tools, your body won’t. If something is too heavy, or if you need help, don’t hesitate to ask. Not only will it lighten the load, but your body will also thank you. Looking strong is not worth hurting yourself over.

Have the right equipment

While you may think that you do have the right equipment: a strong back and a willing mind, that will only take you so far. Professional movers such as Quick Transfer have a host of equipment at their disposal to make the process far more efficient and safer. A two-wheeler or carrying straps are only two examples of equipment that can make your move safer and more efficient.

Proper packing is important

Another key to preventing injuries is making sure that your things are packed properly. The last thing you want when carrying a carton is things shifting as you walk. This can put excess strain on your back, and cause issues down the road. Make sure that when your packing, to pack your cartons full, and don’t leave then half full.  For more packing tips, make sure to check out our blog.

Know what you’re lifting

Before you grab something to lift it, make sure you know what it is that you’re lifting. For example, is the carton full of pillows, or is it full of tools? Know what you’re lifting so you know if it’s within your capabilities or not.

There are a number of things that you can do to ensure that when you’re moving across Winnipeg, you keep your body whole. Injuries are a massive inconvenience as they can cause issues with your everyday life, and even force you to take time off work. Follow the above guidelines to help ensure that moving day comes and goes without any hiccups. For tips on how to get unpacked once you are done moving, make sure to check out our blog post.

Another way to help keep yourself safe, is to hire a professional mover. Quick Transfer works hard to keep your stress meter low, and your efficiency meter high. We have a full array of services, from local moving  for any moves within Winnipeg, to cross country moves. If you need your things moved anywhere in the world, Quick Transfer is your mover. Give us a call to see how we can be of service to you!