how to pack your clothes when moving

How To Pack Your Clothes When Moving, Tips To Follow

How to pack your clothes when moving

As you get ready to move, one thing is inevitable, you need to pack up your clothes. Clothes can be tricky to pack because they come from everywhere and come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. You have clothes in your closet, you have clothes in drawers, and sometimes, clothes laying around. As you’re trying to determine how to pack your clothes when moving, it can also be tricky because not all clothes can be folded and packed in boxes, some clothes require being hung up. So, what are you supposed to do now?

When trying to determine how to pack your clothes when moving, there are a couple of tips, and steps to consider.

The first step is to determine what you want to keep and what you don’t want anymore.

Things you want

Before you formally go and figure out how to pack your clothes when moving, it is important to go through your clothes and figure out what articles of clothing you want, and what articles you don’t want. This vetting process is important because while clothes don’t typically weigh a lot by themselves, the weight can add up when you take a garbage bag or more of clothes that you don’t need, but move anyways.

Things you don’t want

As you go through your clothes to determine what you do and do not want, make three piles. The first pile will be of things that you want to take with you, and will subsequently pack. The second pile will be of things that are still in good condition but that you don’t wear anymore. Items in this pile can either be donated to your local thrift store, or if you’re wanting to recoup a little bit of the money, can be sold either on consignment, or online if you have the time. The last pile of clothes will be items that are no longer wearable, whether they are torn/ripped or stained. These are items that will be disposed off. Of course you can use some old clothes as rays, but if you are looking to get rid of them, check to see if your local recycling facility recycles clothes.


After you have sorted through your items, the next step when determining how to pack your clothes when moving, is go through the pile of items you are planning on packing again. Items can be divided into a number of categories, for example:


Items that are season specific can be sorted together. For example, winter clothes can include things such as ski pants, jackets, turtle necks, long johns etc.


Items that can be sorted in this category are things that cannot simply be folded up. For example, suits or dresses cannot be simply folded up, and put into a box. This category could include things such as work attire, formal wear, and special occasion items.


Items that are needed sooner rather than later should be put aside. For example if you are moving for work out of province, you may be required to work before your shipment arrives. You may need specific clothes for work, so setting them aside when you pack in order to take them with you can be important.


Sorting items and keeping like items together can be important as you determine how to pack your clothes when moving. For example, keeping jeans together will ensure that when you need a pair, you know where they are, or when you need that specific hoodie, you know where it is.


After you have sorted through your clothes, the next step in determining how to pack  your clothes when moving would be to start actually packing them up. Here are some options as you figure out how to pack up your clothes when moving.

Leave it in the dresser

For smaller, lighter items such as shirts, underwear, socks, you can leave them in the dresser. Make sure to put a sheet of paper on top of the clothes in each drawer to help ensure the items stay contained in the drawer, as they may shift during transportation.

Use a Wardrobe

For items that need to be hung up such as suits, dresses, dress shirts etc, use a wardrobe carton. These cartons come with a metal bar, that you can use to hang up clothes. They typically house 2 feet of closet space, so if you’re wondering how many you need, use that as a general guideline.

Vacuum bags

These can be a good option for items that are out of season. Vacuum bags typically take up less space, and are effective for storing items and keeping them clean.

Garbage Bags

If you have a little pile of loose items, garbage bags can be a quick way to pack up a small pile of things. Garbage bags can also be used to cover items on hangars. Grouping items together and covering them in garbage bags can be a way to keep items clean and grouped together for your move.

Using clothes to wrap up fragile items

Clothes can also be used to wrap up any breakables that you may be moving. Sweaters or shirts can be used in place of bubble wrap and can help keep breakables from breaking or chipping during transportation.

Using boxes

When packing items that can be folded such as jeans, sweaters, shirts, and even jackets, boxes can be a great way to pack a large portion of items together. Make sure that you aren’t overfilling the cartons, as this can cause bowing, and diminish the structural integrity of the carton. Be sure to label each carton with its contents to help make unpacking easier.

Keep shoes separate

When packing clothes, make sure that you are keeping your shoes separate. The souls of shoes can become dirty, and when placed around clothes can rub off and cause stains or marks on clothes. In order to keep this from happening, simply pack the shoes separately.

Packing your clothes can take some time, so as we always say, make sure that you leave yourself enough time to get your packing done. While not always possible, it can certainly help diminish stress, and will allow you to pack things the best way possible.

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