How to be ready for moving day

How To Be Ready For Moving Day: What You Need To Know

Tips for how to be ready for moving day

If you have done any sort of moving, then you know that during moving day, there is a lot going on! With the movers coming to the house, getting set up, and starting to pad up your furniture and then load it, it won’t leave you much time to get much done other than directing them. So, as you get ready for moving, here are some tips on how to be ready for moving day.

There are some things that you can get ready on moving day before the movers arrive. Here are some tips on how to be ready for moving day before your move starts:

Wake up early to be ready for your movers

While your moving crew shouldn’t be onsite too early in the morning, make sure you are ready for when they arrive. Getting up early will give you time to get a good breakfast, as well as finish up any last-minute packing. The last thing that you want as you prepare for move is to be woken up by your movers.

Make sure your electronics are charged

Make sure that your electronics are charged up. There may be times during moving day that you need to get in touch with your significant other, or family members to ask questions about certain items, or where to place things at destination. The last things that you need is to have a dead phone. Make sure that as you prepare for moving day, your phone is ready to go!

Dress appropriately

As you figure out how to be ready for moving day, make sure that you dress appropriately for your move. For instance, if you are moving during winter, make sure to wear warm enough clothes. While you may think, “I’ll be inside, I’ll be fine,” don’t forget that everything needs to come inside the house. Your door will be open a fair amount as your movers bring things into your new home. The same can be said for summer, make sure that you are dressed in comfortable enough clothes, that you can be in all day.

While these tips for how to be ready for moving day are important, there are also some things that you should prepare in advance of your move date, so come move time, you won’t need to think about them. They are:

Pack a first night bag

As you prepare for your move, one important tip for how to be ready for moving day is to prepare a first night bag. This will include things such as pajamas, toiletries bag, charger for any electronics a change of clothes, paper plates and plastic utensils etc. Don’t kid yourself, moving day is typically a long day. Often, you will be tired at the end of the day before having the chance to attack any of the unpacking. An over night bag allows you to be ready for your first night in your new home immediately, without having to go through boxes looking for things.

Food preparation

As you figure out how to be ready for moving day, make sure to pack some food for your new home. While ordering out can be an option, perhaps you want to save a few bucks. Having some food prepared can allow you to do just that or can allow you to have something to munch on during the move. Make sure to think about this before your move so you can set aside food or snacks before either packing them up, or throwing them out.

Take important paperwork/valuables with you

This can be a bigger deal for long distance moving, but as you figure out how to be ready for moving day, make sure to set aside all important paperwork and valuables. Pack those up and take those with you. During unpacking, smaller documents can easily get lost in the packing paper, and left in the box on accident. By taking these items with you, you know where they are, and will eliminate the chance of losing them during the unpack. Check our blog out for more tips on how to best get settled into your new home.

Set aside cleaning supplies

As you are figuring out how to be ready for moving day, make sure to set aside cleaning supplies to clean up after your movers have finished loading everything. It can be a pain to figure out once everything is packed up, that you needed the mop, or rubber gloves or pails that were put onto the truck. Make sure to set aside cleaning supplies in advance so that when you need them, you’ll know where they are.

Moving can be a lot to process, but can be easier if you plan out your move in advance. Make sure that if you know about your move a few weeks in advance, that you take advantage of the extra time, and start to prepare. You don’t need to have everything packed 2 months in advance, but take the time to start going through things, and getting rid of what you don’t need. If there are things that you don’t use but want to take with, you can start getting things ready. For more advice on packing tips, make sure to check out our blog.

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