get your home packed up for moving day

Get Your Home Packed Up For Moving Day: 5 Things Your Movers Can’t Take

Get your home packed up for moving day: 5 things to leave behind

You look at your calendar. You notice that you’re move day is coming up, and you have 3 weeks to get your home packed up for moving day. You have a small amount of moving experience, with some small apartment to apartment moving, and into your home 10 years ago. With all the things you have accumulated in the last 10 years, you decided, “this time I’m hiring a professional!” You’ve chosen your mover, but now it’s time to pack. You have a little bit of knowledge, and know that there are some things that your mover cannot take on the truck, but you aren’t sure exactly what falls under that category.

As you get your home packed up for moving day, here is a list of things that cannot be transported by your mover on your upcoming move.


As you get your home packed up for moving day, one of the categories of items that cannot be transported are acids. If acids spill, they can be difficult and expensive to clean up they can cause damage to your other items on the truck. Along with that, batteries have been known to spontaneously combust.  During the preparation process, take time to remove any batteries, from remotes, controllers and other items.


As you work to get your home packed up for moving day, anything that is flammable cannot be transported by your movers. Flammables consist of things such as but not limited to, gasoline, oils, kerosene, alcohols, paint thinners etc. Because these items cannot be transported, that means that any yard equipment or items requiring fuel to run need to be drained by moving day. This includes things such as, lawnmowers, weed eaters, quads, snowmobiles etc.

Combustibles/ Pressurized containers

As you get your home packed up for moving day, make sure to set aside any combustibles or anything pressurized. Items that fall under this category include things such as, hairsprays, cleaning products, cooking sprays, fireworks, fire extinguishers, pressurized scuba tanks (un-pressurized scuba tanks can be moved) etc. Depending on the location of the move, especially for long distance moves, trailers can get very hot, and subsequently combustibles and anything pressurized. That can certainly cause them to explode and cause damage to not only your shipment, but also to the truck and trailer.


As you get your home packed up for moving day, and go through your kitchen and pantry, make sure to leave out any perishables. This includes things such as fruits, vegetables, meats, and frozen goods. Canned goods, and items in unopened containers can be packed, and subsequently moved, but items that can go bad should not be taken. Make your last trip to the grocery store 2 weeks in advance of your move, and make sure to either eat, or give away anything that you cannot consume.


As you get your home packed up for moving day, we suggest that you either take yourself, or dispose of any poisons. The reason for this, is because it can pose a threat to your moving crew, and others that come in contact with it. Things such as insecticides, rat poison, arsenic, weed killers etc. should not accompany your movers. These items are not generally all that expensive, so replacing them at your new home may be the best idea.

If you are moving locally, transporting these things yourself can be a good alternative. If you are moving long distance, it may be best to give these items away to friends or family. As you prepare for your upcoming move, if you are unsure about certain items, make sure to get in touch with your mover. They can provide more information and clarity about various items. Liquids can present another challenge when packing. Here are some tips on how to best pack them.

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